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Aphrodisiac   & Serenity

Apple cinnamon


Sweet and spicy fragrance based on the mixture of crunchy apples and cinnamon, specially made for you. This aphrodisiac essence is ideal to combat fatigue and stress attracting passion and sensuality. Fill your home with joy, freshness, harmony and serenity.

Stimulating & Relaxing

Passion fruit

This tropical blend of passion fruit, mango and orange

evokes moments of celebration and well-being. It is a refreshing and stimulating aroma for your senses that

create an environment full of pleasure and fun


Fragrance based on the mixture of fresh mint and eucalyptus, a combination that awakens the senses, thanks to its minty smell and antiseptic and purifying properties that create an ideal environment for concentration.

Fresh & Clean

Mint & Eucalyptus

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