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The KERZEN products are made by factory de velas la soledad, SA located in the Republic of Panama, the epicenter of commerce in America.

Our strategic location allows our clients in any region of the americas short transit and delivery times, as well as the significant reduction of their inventories and freight costs. Panama for being a hub offers several advantages among them are free trade agreements and trade agreements with the following countries and regions.

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Trade agreements

  • Panama-Cuba trade agreement

  • Partial scope agreement between Panama and Colombia

  • Partial scope agreement between Panama and the Dominican Republic

  • Partial Scope Agreement Panama Trinidad Tobago

  • Agreement on economic and commercial cooperation signed between Panama and Israel

  • Latin American Integration Association - ALADI

  • Protocol of incorporation of the Republic of Panama to the Central American integration system

  • Central American Customs Union -FAUCA


  • Association Agreement between the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Central America

  • Association Agreement between Central America and the European Union (ADA)

  • Free Trade Agreement between the Republic of Korea and the Republics of Central America

Free trade agreements

  • FTA United Mexican States and the Republic of Panama

  • FTA between the EFTA states and the Central American states

  • FTA Panama - Canada

  • FTA Panama - Costa Rica

  • FTA Panama - El Salvador

  • FTA Panama - Guatemala

  • FTA Panama - Honduras

  • FTA Panama - Israel

  • FTA Panama - Nicaragua

  • FTA Panama - Peru

  • FTA Panama - Singapore

  • FTA Panama - Chile

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